Bubble Nebula with C8 and Optec f/5 Widefield

Started by rwodaski, 10/25/2002 08:29PM
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I have had many of the components used for this image sitting around for almost 6 months, so I figured it was time to put everything together and give it a try:

Optec IFW filter wheel with 2" LRGB filters;
TCF-S motorized focuser
Hutech LPS light-pollution suppression filter
Optec F/5 Widefield reducer
ST-8E ABG camera

Unfortunately, the seeing was awful, the moon was just past full, and the air was extremely wet and bright. Still, the image turned out better than I would have expected. I'll bet that the long exposures times are what saved the image.

LRGB, exposure times 5 x 600sec L; 3 x 600sec R and G; 1 x 900sec B. (Ran out of clear sky by the time I got to the blue.)

Ron Wodaski
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Ron Wodaski
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Very nice shot Ron!
Keep'em coming!!!!!

Clear skies!


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That's a great shot of a dim object even with the bright moon out. I've had similar skies here in Seattle with some bright haze in the sky and a VERY bright moon. I haven't even made an attempt to go out lately and try imaging. I know this is wasted sky, the clearing can't stay around much longer (this is Seattle that I'm living in!)
I've attached my bubble image. Taken with a Vesta Pro webcam, LX90, and a lot of light pollution about 7 miles east of Seattle.


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