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Filters to View Mars

Started by JoeRam, 08/23/2003 09:30PM
Posted 08/23/2003 09:30PM Opening Post
Thanks for reading.

Looking at Mars with my 10" LX200, it appears there is way too much light to focus. Moon filter and light pollution filters did nothing. Finally I masked about 75% of the scope and was able to get much better views. At 178x and 258X I could clearly see the polar cap in sharp detail, which was awesome, but as for the rest of the planet all I saw was a hint of surface details. Just an overall shade of red-ish brown with some not so easily detectable darker areas. Seeing seemed to be about a 6-7 overall.

Can you help me by telling me what filter(s) I should be using? Also, I plan to do some CCD imaging of the planet so any recommendations for this too is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

Posted 08/23/2003 09:59PM #1
For visual use, you could try the #80A filter. I will show out the clouds details very well.

For imaging you might like to just use an IR blocking filter. You need all the light for imaging.