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First Mars 8-11-05, F25 C11

Started by fugardi, 08/11/2005 01:58PM
Posted 08/11/2005 01:58PM Opening Post
Folks, After getting my compustar computer back working again, I stayed out last night 6 hours under clear but hazy skies, viewing everything possible. I came close to cashing in, but then Mars shined right through the trees. One glimpse and I knew sleep wasn't happening. My first 2005 viewing of Mars looked huge compared to Neptune/Uranus an hour earlier. With a 2.5x powermate, Mars was so bright I could have used a filter, but I was so stiff I didn't think I could make the garage. At 2:45AM, Mars cleared the trees, and by 3:30AM the seeing improved enough to take my first shots of the red planet.

dia=12.1", F25 w/Toucam 840, 10fps, 1/33sec, bright=50, gam=0, sat=100, gain=40, best 600 of 900 taken, stacked with Registax2. Sky&Telescopes Mars profiler next to image as reference.

Can't wait for 20" size and a reasonable viewing time!

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