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Flip Mirror System Help!

Started by JoeRam, 08/25/2002 07:12AM
Posted 08/25/2002 07:12AM Opening Post
Thanks for reading and helping!

I have a question pertaining to the Meade #647 2” flip mirror system. I am accustom to taking CCD images with an F6.3 or F3.3 focal reducer attached directly to the rear cell of my F10 SCT and in turn attaching the CCD camera to the focal reducer via short extension tubes.

If I use the flip mirror system, between the focal reducer and the camera, the distance between the reducer and camera would be over 3 times the distance opposed to not using the flip mirror system. What will happen to the f-ratio? Should I put the flip mirror system on first, then the focal reducer and finally the camera?

I am planning on getting the 2” flip mirror system, but wanted to investigate this prior to spending the money.

Thanks for all you help!

Posted 08/30/2002 10:03AM #1
Put the f6.3 in front of the flip mirror. The f3.3 does not allow enough back focus to use a flip mirror. That means: align, align on the pole,