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Green lighs and Astrophotography

Started by bill webster, 10/01/2002 11:13AM
Posted 10/01/2002 11:13AM Opening Post
I have heard many say that the new green laser can ruin a astrophoto. Does anyone ACTUALLY have a shot either 35mm or CCD that has been ruin by a green laser? My club is debating this issue. So if you have a shot with a green line trhough it I would like to see it.
Bill W.
Posted 10/01/2002 11:25AM #1
If there is any moisture in the air at all I find them very annoying and there is no doubt that the beam could appear in astrophotos, particularly when using a fast widefield setup. I would recommend restricting the use of them to twilight or not at all since they are hardous anyway. At a staryparty there is a liability issue since they can damage vision permanently if used incorrectly.