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Help! Hooking up an ST7 to a Losmandy Gemini

Started by Joe Bruessow, 07/05/2003 08:14PM
Posted 07/05/2003 08:14PM Opening Post
I am no electronics guru, and am relatively new to CCD imaging... so pleease be patient and help me out.

I have a C14 on an MI 250 goto mount with the older style Losmandy Gemini goto system. I am trying to hook up my old ST7 for autoguiding through the autoguider port on the Gemini. I have the optocoupler to protect the electronics... I used the standard autoguider cable (that came with the ST7) to go from the ST7 to the optocoupler device which then was attached to the autoguider port on the Gemini.

I tried to use this configuration last night. Unfortunately the gemini and ST7 did not appear to be communicating during the calibration. Every time I would attempt a calibration I would get the message that the guide star did not move adequately and indeed it did not appear to on the autoguider reference frame, even when extending the calibration times in X and Y up to 60 seconds.

Do I need to get a special relax box cable and not use the standard autoguider cable that came with the ST7? Any other ideas?

Posted 07/05/2003 08:40PM #1
Did you set the Gemini into "Photo Mode"?

Posted 07/08/2003 10:08AM #2
Joe, Same thing happened to me several weeks ago during my first imaging night. I haven't gotten out since to confirm that the hand controller mode setting was correct. I'd love to hear from other MI250GOTO owners.