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Horsehead with C14

Started by rwodaski, 11/03/2002 03:50AM
Posted 11/03/2002 03:50AM Opening Post
I am testing an incredible camera this weekend (just have it for three days), and I took this color image of the Horsehead and NGC 2023. This is a reduced-size image; the original is 2048x2048. The camera is a Finger Lakes IMG 4240, with 13.5-micron pixels. It's a nice high-res, large-chip camera to use with the C14, that's for sure!

To see a half-size version:

Full-size version:

Ron Wodaski
author of "The New CCD Astronomy"

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Ron Wodaski
New Astronomy Press
Posted 11/03/2002 06:39AM #1

Great Image! This is makeing me want to buy a C14. I've seen other images from C14's and IMHO its a great scope for the money ... compares well with the RC's for 1/4 the price.

Did you use the native focal ratio or a FR ? What about the mirror flop problem and the focuser, how did you work out these problems ?

clear skies,

Larry Citro

Posted 11/03/2002 07:26AM #2
Hi Ron,

looks like Finger Lakes will be very satisfied with your tests! Another great image of you.

mehr freude. 49° 13' 54" N
Posted 11/03/2002 08:11AM #3
Hi Ron,

I don't have much experience in DSO imaging so
me commenting on your fantastic images is a little
like a layman telling Leonardo Davinci the Mona Lisa
looks good .
That Horse head image is certainly the best one I have
had the pleasure of viewing , GREAT! IMAGE!


Wes Higgins

Posted 11/03/2002 10:55PM #4
wonderful details, Ron, never seen so many subtle details also in the bright blue nebula (thanks to you processing skills!).

How is the noise and blooming, compared to the ST10XME?