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Jupiter from the patio

Started by wy6k, 06/04/2005 06:49AM
Posted 06/04/2005 06:49AM | Edited 06/04/2005 10:04AM Opening Post
I recently moved my CGE1400 from it's perch on a second story porch down to the concrete patio. The view of the sky is much more restricted because of all the trees, but I think it paid off in better images.

This was taken May 26 at f11 with a ToUcam, 1862 frames of 2051 quickly processed with Registax, Images Plus, and PSP.

If it ever quits raining, I'll try again with increased image scale. Seeing was pretty good that night, so I still think I should get more detail out of the C14. I collimated the scope the next night without noticable improvement. I've ordered an SCT cooler. Any comments or suggestions?


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Michael Watts
CGE 1400
Posted 06/04/2005 07:19AM #1

For some reason the image didn't come through. Maybe you can repost?

Paul Maxson

Paul Maxson
Moderator - CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System
Celestron C14, Mewlon 250, Orion EON120, ASI120MM, Flea3.