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Jupiter image - 15th March 2003

Started by weileong, 03/15/2003 12:54PM
Posted 03/15/2003 12:54PM Opening Post
Hi everyone,

Attached are the jupiter images from 15th March 2003.

It has been another super clear night, transparency 9/10 and the seeing was
6-7/10. It cleared up at the very last minute as I was not ready to image
and I missed the few moment of very stable seeing while I was focusing.
Should have started 5 mins earlier smile Due to the high transparency and good
seeing, it was very easy to process the images.

In these set of images, the NTrB could be easily seen as a faint grey line.
Note the tiny ovals around the globe.
Any comments are most welcomed.


Posted 03/15/2003 05:32PM #1
Hi Tan Wei,

I'm always amazed by your images
but these are double amazing.
Thanks for sharing

Wes Higgins