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LU075/LU165 and streampix question

Started by awesley, 07/18/2005 02:06AM
Posted 07/18/2005 02:06AM Opening Post
Hi guys,

I've just taken delivery of two cameras from Lumenera to test, the LU075M and LU165M, and a copy of streampix.

I've hit an issue with streampix that I can't seem to solve, I hope you don't mind if I ask a question here, surely there are several people here with this exact same setup who will know the answer straight away :-)

Streampix insists on showing a colour image, even though teh cameras are monochrome, and shows on the status bar something like "BGR packed 24 bits per pixel". When I record a sequence the file is 3x bigger than it should be because streampix is recording it in "colour".

I've looked through all the hardware settings in streampix and I can't seem to find anywhere to tell it that the camera is monochrome. There are adjustments for framerate, gain, exposure, etc etc but not for colour vs monochrome.

Can someone help? How do I tell streampix that these are monochrome cameras?

Thanks in advance!

regards, Anthony
Posted 07/18/2005 02:49AM #1
Hello Anthony,

there are two icons for adjustments: one is the one you refer to where you find all the settings for gain, exposure,... and has two tabs, one for the settings and the other for the one shot functions. Right next to it on the left there is another icon that is the HARDWARE SETTINGS: if you click on that you will have a window with more tabs (can't remember exactly) but one of these tabs reads SETTINGS: there you will find some of the adjustments not available in the live adjustments window, such as framerate, bits per pixel, image flipping and color and mono option.

Hope this will help.

Solar Imaging Website
Posted 07/18/2005 03:34AM #2
Thanks to Paolo I have it solved. I had to "reset" Streampix to factory defaults.

I had earlier been using the LU165C colour camera, and it seems that Streampix has a bug where it stays stuck on colour until you reset it.

regards, Anthony