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Mars - 7/24/03

Started by Joe Bruessow, 07/26/2003 03:28PM
Posted 07/26/2003 03:28PM Opening Post
I had a chance to image the other night... thought I'd post a sample from my upper Midwestern, jet stream/ unstable air plagued Michigan location. I am also to blame for the poor quality... I had the imager set at 320 x 240 and don't have a barlow for my new system. This is the first of many images to process from the session. Your thoughts?

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Posted 07/26/2003 04:52PM #1
Thats a good image scale without a barlow. In fact my 8" with a 5x powermate is the same size as the image your posting here. What kind of camera and scope are you using?
Posted 07/26/2003 10:03PM #2
Hi Joe,

Excellent detail for prime focus. Be careful with your barlow selection and the C14. Powermate 2.5x appears to work better on my C14 than the Ultima 2x. Any way you cut it you are going to be imaging at a very long focal length and the seeing must support it. E-mail me privately if you want to discuss.

Glad to see Mars clears your tree tops :-)

Take care,