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New Philips USB2 webcam SPC-900NC

Started by oliver_p, 07/08/2005 10:21AM
Posted 07/08/2005 10:21AM Opening Post
Hi all,

looks like a new USB2 webcam from Philips called SPC-900NC will hit the market very soon 8) A datasheet can be found here:
The sensor is a "VGA CCD < 1 lux" so we can assume it's the good old Sony ICX 098BQ. Framerate is noted as 75fps for VGA resolution.
It might not be a Lumenera but a nice device to capture color information besides a monochrome Lumenera.
Let's see when and where I can get one wink

Cheers & Clear skies,
Posted 07/08/2005 12:06PM #1
First offers in the webshops demand about 80EUR in europe but the cams don't seem to be available yet. Looks like Philips replaces the complete ToUcam range with USB2 devices:

spc900nc - VGA CCD, USB2
spc700nc - VGA CMOS, USB2
spc600nc - VGA CMOS, USB2
spc300nc - QVGA CMOS, USB2
spc200nc - CIF CMOS, USB2

As always only the CCD device should be interesting for us.

Cheers & clear skies,