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NGC6543 Cat's Eye Planetary

Started by RolandC, 09/04/2004 11:33PM
Posted 09/04/2004 11:33PM Opening Post
Hi All,

Just a quick note. I took this image Thursday night, similar setup as the Blue Snowball. Shot with my 10" Mak-Cass at F22. Seeing was not quite as nice, only achieved 1.7 arc sec FWHM resolution. Still came out fairly nice.

Roland Christen

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Posted 09/05/2004 12:01AM #1

" Seeing was not quite as nice, only achieved 1.7 arc sec FWHM resolution. Still came out fairly nice."

Hmmm.. I'd say it came out very nice. Good detail and color of this interesting planetary

clear skies,

Larry Citro

Posted 09/05/2004 12:12AM | Edited 09/05/2004 12:12AM #2

hi resolution ccd imaging is a game unto itslef and is much different then imaging with a 5" f6 scope of 30" FL. You shot that at 220" FL ...amazing.

To get that kind of image EVERYTHING must be spot on. The optics must be first rate, the collimation must be exactly on, the mount must be up to the task in terms of load capicity and PE, the seeing must be good and the processing skills must be expert.

The longest FL I've imaged at is 120" and that was hard enough.

It seems to me you have mastered all of the above.

clear skies,

Posted 09/05/2004 03:48PM #3
That's one SWEET pic Roland!
Beautiful detail & color (specially for "not so good" seeing, as you put it)

Thanks for sharing!


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Posted 09/06/2004 05:59PM #4

Excellent image and a nice complement to the Blue Snowball. Although imaging at 3 metres is very difficult using an AP mount makes it somewhat easier (possible?).

These planetaries have a lot of nice detail and I have just started to use a new Mak-Cass myself. I would have like an AP but needs must. Anyway great image. Are there more???
Posted 09/06/2004 07:41PM #5
Wow! That's gorgeous!!
Jim Phillips
Posted 09/06/2004 08:37PM #6
Thank you all for your nice comments.