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Re: Mars reaches 10

Started by dpeach78, 07/14/2005 04:23AM
Posted 07/14/2005 04:23AM | Edited 07/14/2005 04:26AM Opening Post
Hi guys,

Thanks for your comments.

Re: images at bottom right. These are B (350-450nm) filtered images to shows any hazes/clouds present on Mars.

Re: Time. around 60-80second capture.

Re: colour. This is a really tough subject. Talking about Martian colour is a real can of worms. No two Mars images are the same colour from different observers. I actually thought the color was pretty good smile .

I'd be interested Paolo/Tom to reference me a shot you consider of very accurate colour representation.

I got more this morning in excellent seeing. I did the G images both nights but didnt like the colour balance it produced. I'll post a set of differing RGBs etc to compare colour balance...