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Re: Recent Mars images

Started by dpeach78, 09/27/2005 10:42AM
Posted 09/27/2005 10:42AM Opening Post
Hi guys,

Thanks. Its been a good summer so far. Next time i see that hemisphere Mars will be 20", so i can only hope for a few more steady nights near the closest approach. The late Autumn weather can be decidedly variable though.

Most of the processing is done in Registax 3 (frame averaging and sharpening.) i used photoshop and PSP for colour balancing/resampling. They are RGB filtered images using a couple of thousand frames per image.

After so many nights imaging Mars already ive had tons of pratice getting back into imaging the Red Planet. Its really tough to get a good colour balance which has taken some head scratching!. The real G filter image is actually quite important to producing the best possible colour balance.

If i get lucky again, and shall post some more smile. Its great to see so many people making the effort on the early morning has been an exercise in sleep deprevation.. 8O

Best Wishes