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Saturn Dione Tethys 28 August 2021

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Perseid Meteor Shower ... consolation prize

Started by ayiomamitis, 08/14/2005 10:38AM
Posted 08/14/2005 10:38AM | Edited 08/14/2005 10:39AM Opening Post
Having failed with previous meteor showers in the past, I took a more defensive approach this year by attempting a double target ... the Perseids and the north celestial pole region. If I fail again this year with the Perseids (which I did due to VERY low activity), I still have my polar region effort from the all-nighter.

I still need some processing to remove the irritating gaps due to the flash card's slow write speed between exposures but here is a quick preview of a potentially neat photo: .... there is something to be said of very dark skies!