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Determining Value of OM System?

Started by dwalton, 11/12/2003 06:15AM
Posted 11/12/2003 06:15AM Opening Post
Not sure if this is the place to post...

I have a really mint, fully functional OM system that's been collecting dust for over a decade. OM-1n, 28-48 zoom, 65-200 zoom, 21mm prime, Winder 2, various filters. Everything except the winder looks like it just came out of the box.

I'd like to sell this equipment now that I'm getting into D/SLRs, but I have no idea how one determines fair prices for this kind of equipment. Any suggestions? I'm not so much asking for anyone to give me estimates on the listed equipment (although that would be great), but rather, wondering if there is a web site that I can go to that has market prices for stuff like this.

Thanks very much,
Posted 11/12/2003 07:28AM #1
Just for the record, I absolutely plan to sell my camera equipment HERE, on Astromart, and not on some second-rate auction site.


Whew - you may now return to your regularly-schedule program.