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Neat Photo

Started by Walter, 09/05/2002 05:58PM
Posted 09/05/2002 05:58PM Opening Post
My son, who just bought a Jeep, downloaded this to show me the other night.


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Walter's attachment for post 1494
Posted 09/05/2002 07:31PM #1

Jeep has some pretty good ads. Probably why I've got one.

Did you notice that the hill the Jeep is on looks like a human face in profile? Could it be one of the characters on the Simpsons?

Too bad the Pointer Sisters…I mean Stars…don't point to Polaris. I guess that's what happens when you let the artist have at it instead of using a real photo.

Posted 09/07/2002 07:16PM #2
I like it Walt, especially since we bought my wife a Jeep Liberty last weekend.