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Started by Kevin, 02/17/2008 08:13AM
Posted 02/17/2008 08:13AM Opening Post
What is the cheapest (perhaps freeware) to stack some digitized film images for further processing? I have a handful of images that I have hours worth of well tracked and exposed data but have actually only processed one of the subs for each as I don't know how to do it.

I make the assumption here that the preferred way to process these are to register/stack these, then process with PS. I have the latter, but nothing else except AIP, CCDSOFT.

Posted 02/17/2008 10:41AM #1
I use Deep Sky Stacker for digital camera images, and I suppose it would work for digitized film images as well. It is free, and you can find it at

It will register and stack lights, darks, flats, etc. and save the result as a 32 bit TIFF file. You don't have dark frames to mess with. You can then open the TIFF file with PS, convert it to 8 bit, and go from there.