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Started by Thomas Marshall, 07/08/2015 07:36PM
Posted 07/08/2015 07:36PM Opening Post
"Odd Butterfly" is a "Hairstreak", but I can't be more accurate as regional variations and similar hairstreaks make it too much for me. Good Pic though. Thomas M. smile
Posted 07/08/2015 08:36PM #1
Hi Thomas, That is interesting! I studied insects for the Dept of Agr (in Panama) back in 1969-70. I just LOVED the field work and brought back a big personal collection as well. That finally wound up at the local high school. Some specimens are so big that one takes up a whole display box! And with the Astronomy connection - I concentrated on Insect Vision. Such best sellers as: Polarization Sensitivity of the Compound Eye of Hymenoptera Bombus and Antireflection Properties of the Moth Chitenous Cornea Surface... Yep - moth corneas are antireflection coated - Better tnan ours ! Tom Dey

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