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Nasty Spider....

Started by Bobdero, 09/20/2005 08:46PM
Posted 09/20/2005 08:46PM Opening Post
8O I've seen this type of spider all over the Orlando,FLA area when we visit there!They're close to 2-2.5 inches in total length!!Now I've discovered them ,in abundance,in my backyard!!Can anyone tell me what kind of spider this is???Thanks,and enjoy the pictures!!

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Posted 09/20/2005 08:49PM #1
:S Here's another of those 'Nasty Spiders' ready to eat his lunch!!

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Posted 09/21/2005 06:09AM #2
She looks like a classic orb web, or "garden" spider, to me. Brings back childhood memories, for whatever reason.

Posted 09/21/2005 07:17PM #3
Nice shots.
These things freak me out, well, all spiders freak me out! 8O

They were all over the edges of the fields at AstroFest this year. I managed enough courage to take a few shots.


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There's no substitute for fine glass!
Posted 09/23/2005 03:28AM #4
I saw one of these not too long ago, in somebody's backyard...
Needless to say, they are quite SCARY! 8)

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