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Terrorist Kitty

Started by ccanelos, 09/07/2009 06:01PM
Posted 09/07/2009 06:01PM | Edited 09/07/2009 06:25PM Opening Post
I fostered a cat that was between homes for a few days. She was a really nice cat, very pretty, very affectionate. However, she totally ruled the house and Poppet was completely terrified of her. The cat learned that if she sat in the hallway at the top of the stairs, she was at the center of all pathways and could therefore control the whole house. She also learned that if she sat ON the stairs, the dog could not go up or down. Here's Osama big Winkers, leader of that fearsome terrorist group Al Kattah, torturing her prisoner.

Poor Poppet, I should not be so amused at her expense. ;-]

Sweet the coming on
Of grateful evening mild; then silent night
With this her solemn bird and this fair moon,
And these the gems of heaven, her starry train.
--John Milton

Posted 09/07/2009 10:50PM #1
What kind of dog is Poppet? Looks a lot like my dog, but shorter fir. smile

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