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Me and my new scope

Started by [email protected], 09/03/2003 02:43PM
Posted 09/03/2003 02:43PM Opening Post
Here's a picture of me and my new 14" LX200 just after it was installed on it's permanent pier.
Scott Baker
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Posted 09/03/2003 04:49PM #1
Hey you are both the same heigth! :^) Nice match, but the walls need some stars and nebulas painted on them! ;^)
Scope looks real nice on the pier.

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Posted 09/03/2003 11:35PM #2
Looking good Scott.
Posted 09/04/2003 03:10AM #3
Yeah, I love that hat too. Bought it in Alaska last year while on a cruise. With my fat head, it's hard to find one that fits, alone one that I like. If you're interested, it's a Tilley, guaranteed for life, even against loss. Here's the web page for the one I have...\Tilley_Hats

As far as the base goes, it's designed for a 25" scope! That's an 18" diameter, heavy wall, steel pipe, filled with concrete, with a 24"X 1" thick flange. It's embedded in 5 cubic yards of concrete, under the foundation. Rock Solid would be an understatement. I didn't put it in, but bought into the building, last year.

Scott Baker
Posted 09/10/2003 12:18AM #4
Aha! There you are! Looks very nice, Scott. Hope to come out soon and see it in person.