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Ed Waddell has Passed Away

Started by ewaddell, 09/21/2013 03:43PM
Posted 09/21/2013 03:43PM Opening Post
I know from reading reviews and transactions that you all greatly respected Ed, so I am asking out of respect and reverence for him, for you guys to help. I will, in the coming weeks be uploading all the telescope related items I can find of his for sale. Unfortunately, I do not know what a lot of these items are and will need help identifying them. Some of them I can use the almighty google for, but others have no identifying markers and I would have no idea where to start. Also, as one of his greatest pleasures was making a mega- frankentelescope, many pieces are put with different set ups and I will need to sort them. You can get in touch with me through his account, I have kept it open to sort through some of his auctions and contacts. Much Thanks, Cymri Hight (Ed Waddell's granddaughter)