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Best color correction around.

Started by Doug Peterson, 09/19/2004 01:22PM
Posted 09/19/2004 01:22PM | Edited 09/19/2004 01:26PM Opening Post
I have had the pleasure of comparing the

FSQ 106 F5 20" long
Vixen DED 108 F5 22" long
TMB 105 F6.2 19" long (custom made tube)
Vixen 114 ED F5.2 27" long
FS-102 F8 26" long

... and I can say that without question, while they are all excellent scopes with their own idiosyncrasies that the TMB was the clear winner in color correction.

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Posted 09/19/2004 02:10PM #1
Hi, Doug,

Does the TMB's superior color correction enable an observer (as opposed to an imager) to see more detail on the Moon, the planets, etc., or does the superior color correction just allow a more esthetically pleasing observing experience? Or is the TMB's superior color correction only important for imaging? Or what?

I'm not an imager, only an observer, and I'm not sure I understand the importance of eliminating the last teeny-tiny vestige of spurious color, unless doing so is important for imaging.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Bill G.