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305mm Mak-Cass at NEAF2008

Started by Gilles Cohen, 04/26/2008 03:36PM
Posted 04/26/2008 03:36PM Opening Post
Just climbed on El Capitan and found a big scope on the summit :-)))


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Gilles Cohen
Posted 04/26/2008 03:38PM #1
Another view!

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Gilles Cohen
Posted 04/26/2008 03:50PM #2
Any details? Focal length, weight, price?
Posted 04/27/2008 05:31PM #3
That thing is gorgeous I'd be tempted to mount it also..

The base on the AP3600 is almost a bit art deco like the Chrysler building.
Posted 05/04/2008 02:10PM #4
I posted a photo of the new Astro-Physics MCT at

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