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A mount on steroids!

Started by ayiomamitis, 03/09/2007 08:10PM
Posted 03/09/2007 08:10PM | Edited 03/09/2007 08:11PM Opening Post
Dear Group,

Further to the discussion in another thread (Losmandy G-11 vs Mach1GTO), I would like to digress a bit and present you with the behaviour of my AP 1200GTO which was received late last summer.

The attachment involves data collection across six complete worm cycles as per the recommendation of the PEMPro software. Since the purpose of this data collection is to gather data in relation to the inherent periodic error of a given mount, PEC must be turned OFF.

Now, how smooth and repeatable is the inherent error? Especially after six full cycles representing roughly 38 minutes of operation? As indicated by the attached screen capture, the star moved from its initial position during these 38 minutes by a NET amount of 1.245" in RA and 1.370" in Dec. For the sake of completeness, this was with the OTA pointing at Dec=0.

A follow-up message will present a similar graphic with the scope pointing due east since only one attachment per message seems to be allowed.


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Posted 03/09/2007 08:16PM #1
Part Deux: Okay, so the result at Dec=0 was a big fluke. Let's try our luck due east and, more specifically, with the scope pointing at 30 degrees and go for another six cycles of the worm gear.

Well, lightning strikes twice, for we have a NET error after 38 minutes of operation of 0.51" in RA and 1.44" in Dec.

This is the kind of performance that is beyond description and must be seen live in order to be really appreciated.

At the risk of stating the obvious, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no requests or offers for purchase. This baby ain't going anywhere, steroid druggie or not. grin

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