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CoRoTExo2b - Strange New World in Aquilla

Started by ayiomamitis, 06/07/2008 05:53AM
Posted 06/07/2008 05:53AM | Edited 06/07/2008 05:54AM Opening Post
Dear group,

One of the latest and most unorthodox exoplanet discoveries involves CoRoTExo-2b in the constellation of Aquilla. CoRoT is the French-led mission in orbit around earth and whose one of the primary purposes is to follow 12,000 stars per session over 30- and 150-day periods. CoRoTExo2b is the second exoplanet discovery from this mission, announced in the spring of 2008, and the attached light curve is THE FIRST AMATEUR (and groundbased?) RESULT of this most eccentric exoplanet whose mass and radius do not conform with any current models of planetary formation.

This exoplanet transits its parent star over the course of 125 minutes, at a depth of 3.5% (mag 12.57 pre-ingress and mag 12.605 during transit) and requires less than 42 hrs to orbit its sun. All of this is at a distance of 930 light-yrs away.

The result from last night's four-hr session is available at

Weather-permitting, back for another strange new world this evening with results to follow tomorrow.

Clear skies!