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Exoplanet HAT-P-7b in Cygnus (7 mmag depth)

Started by ayiomamitis, 06/04/2008 06:09AM
Posted 06/04/2008 06:09AM Opening Post
Dear friends,

Last night I was blessed with very good transparency as well as good seeing which was a godsend, for I sat down to pursue the transit for exoplanet HAT-P-7b in Cygnus and whose depth is a meagre 7 mmag. With a magnitude of 10.460 for the parent star (GSC 3547:1402) before first contact, we have a new magnitude of approximately 10.467 during the four-hr transit.

I am very happy to present you with the resultant light curve and which is available at comprised of 413 data
points (first light curve) and 84 five-point medians (second light curve). The dynamic duo, my AP160 and AP1200GTO, came through once again in a most impressive fashion and in spite of the fact that the five-hr session started with my target below 40d.

This result is somewhat of a letdown in the sense that my next target in a few days will be for a target with a 10 mmag depth and which should be a relative breeze.

Clear skies!


Posted 06/04/2008 08:07AM #1
Amazing that you can see such a small variation.