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Grand Canyon Star Party

Started by Joe Bergeron, 06/07/2010 12:57PM
Posted 06/07/2010 12:57PM Opening Post
My Stowaway is the only AP scope at this venerable event. It looks inconspicuous compared to some of the looming behemoths around it, but it's still capable of impressing park visitors. It shows Saturn better than a lot of the bigger scopes. The low-power views of the Milky Way are mesmerizing. Having a good time.

Joe Bergeron

Moderator, Astro-Physics Forum
Posted 06/07/2010 01:34PM #1
My wife and I were at the GCSP back in 1999, and there was a small group (maybe 2 or 3) of folk with AP scopes on AP mounts present. I don't know if it was a 5" or 6" we looked through, but I had my most memorable view of the Veil Nebula through that scope at very low power (maybe 20x or 30x) through an OIII filter.

Enjoy the party, Joe! Are you on the North or South rim?