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Why a good mount is important ...

Started by Gilles Cohen, 06/27/2008 01:15PM
Posted 06/27/2008 01:15PM Opening Post
Roland always tells: "The single most important item for the imager is the mount. next comes the mount. Then comes the mount.... Get the picture?"

I can confirm he is 100% right. grin
Attached is the proof. I did some imaging last night, seeing was very good. Good seeing and good focusing means that tracking problems will be more visible on the image. 8O


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Gilles Cohen
Posted 06/27/2008 03:22PM #1
Yes, that is priceless advice. I have gone through 3 mounts before finding paradise with the Mach1.
Your P. error is muy impressive.
Posted 06/27/2008 09:28PM #2
And here is your result from last night - image by Gilles Cohen, IC1318, reduced to 1/4 size...


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