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Anyone recognise this controller?

Started by mwelsh, 01/31/2003 12:09PM
Posted 01/31/2003 12:09PM Opening Post
Which model Celestron takes this? Anyone know the specs?

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Posted 01/31/2003 02:24PM #1
It is a dual axis drive controller for the Vixen Super/Great/GPDX series of mounts. It (and the proper motors) would also work on the CG-5 mounts.

I think I see the Celestron logo there. Celestron sold the Vixen mount with their name on it for years until they decided to clone the Super Polaris/Great Polaris mount. The Celestron clone is the CG-5.

I have a similar controller with DMD-3 on it. It's a Vixen dual axis controller for the GP's.

Yours has a couple extra knobs

Don Wyman

Don Wyman
Obsession #1166 18" f/4.5
with Argo Navis and ServoCat
WO Megrez 90 APO
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Posted 01/31/2003 11:09PM #2
Gotta be from a mid-to-late-80s vintage Powerstar or Powerstar II.

I'm not sure how "universal" the controller may have been, across Celestron's late-80s/early-90s SCT offerings. Does anyone else know if this controller was compatible with, say, the original Ultima 8/PEC?

Best wishes.
Posted 02/01/2003 06:34AM #3
It looks like the handcontroller from a Powerstar. I have one that looks like it, but does not work.
Posted 02/21/2003 06:49PM #4
Yes, I recognize this as it is the one that I have. It is for a Super C8+ which was the one just before Powerstars. It uses a wall-wart for power or a cigarette lighter plug. You have the option of plugging the power into the hand control or the c8 base. This unit has controls for RA, Dec motor, focus motor, and can be set for solar, lunar or sideral drive rates. The focus motor drive rate is also adjustable. The drive correction is adjustable at either 2x or 4x. The small switch at the bottom(in your picture) turns the LED at the top on to a red light. When you use the direction bottons the LED is green. My Super C8+ is a very late model and resembles the Powerstars except for the internal battery feature. Whether you could use it for something else, ?.