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ETX-125: To Repair Or Not To Repair?

Started by planalp, 02/22/2011 07:05AM
Posted 02/22/2011 07:05AM Opening Post
Hi All,

I just bought a new ETX-125AT about a month ago. When it arrived, while handling the scope to mount it on the tripod for the first time, I heard a rattling in the base. If I held the scope upright and tipped it around in a circle, I could hear whatever it was sliding around in the base. I thought it was in the bottom of the base, so after getting some guidance online and hoping it wouldn't void my warranty, I removed the bottom cover. Unfortunately, whatever this object is is in the upper part of the base. I could still hear it rattling around up there but don't really see any way to get into that part of the base and really don't want to. The three spacer washers for the bottom cover were where they were supposed to be. I was hoping it was just one of them, but it wasn't.

When the scope arrived, there was no eyepiece setscrew in the eyepiece holder and Meade sent me one. At first I thought it might be that setscrew, but find it impossible to believe it came loose during shipment and somehow got into the base of the scope.

I called Meade and they said as long as the scope was operating fine (which it is), to not worry about it. At first I could live with that, but now am figuring the thing will probably work fine until a day after my warranty runs out and then it will jam something up, not to mention the fact that if I ever want to sell the scope, any buyer (deservedly so) would be concerned about what kind of object is rattling around in the base.

What would you do? Would you push Meade to take the scope back and find out what's in there and get it out even though they really don't seem to want to do that?

Posted 02/22/2011 07:36AM #1
Return it.

Clear skies,