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gps alignment problems

Started by mbmotorsport, 10/08/2006 04:57PM
Posted 10/08/2006 04:57PM Opening Post
[COLOR="Maroon"][/COLOR]hello i just bought a used meade 7 mak LX-200 GPS and i cannot figure how to align and use the go to ,ive read the manual and i let the scope do its leveling thing and i go to the 2 stars, and its not real close to the 2 stars, so i go to the 2 brightese stars in the area and the scope says ok so i try to goto the moon and its not even close ...I also noticed the time says 800 every time i turn the scope on ,even thouh its not 800 i have a 8 cpc celestron and i aligned it in 10 mins 4 hours with the meade and nothing .Any help would be appreciated ,im shure its some thing minor ..pls calll or msg Mike 414-232-7990
Posted 10/11/2006 01:55AM #1
I am not sure of your exact set up, but the meade systems in general are not perfect. Once you figure out the little quirks with meade systems then set up only takes a few minutes.

set up scope as normal (per manual). Im not sure about the date thing as it should set the time based on the GPS inputs.

when you are doing the alignment and the scope moves to the first star it will be off, it could be WAY off, no worries, you have to move the scope over to the star and sync on the star. On the autostar #497 (which I have) you do this by holding the enter key on the control pad for about 2 seconds oror until you hear it BEEEEP at you. then you manually move the scope using the key pad to center the star. you hit the enter key again to "sync". this tells the controller where that star is. then you follow the steps to align on the second star and follow the same steps as above to get the second star synced.

once both stars have been "sync'd" your scope know where it is at and where the objects are. your goto's should be fairly accurate now, but not completely. you may still have to adjust the scope a little to get the star centered in the eye piece. when you goto and object onthe opposite side of the sky the goto's may get out of wack and the scope might be way off, but just sync on the object and that part of the sky should be good.

also during your set up you should perform the test motors, and calibrate drives (train drives) before you begin your alignment. this can be done during the day and is actually easier to do in the day. just pick a distant object like a light pole or building or tree.