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Meade ETX-105EC First Light

Started by jeffreyk1965, 08/12/2002 02:19AM
Posted 08/12/2002 02:19AM Opening Post
Hi everyone,

I was desperate to try my new scope so I actually went out tonight in mostly cloudy weather just to make sure it works!!

I was out in my front yard tonight with my new Meade ETX-105EC. I observed for a little under 1-hour. It was mostly cloudy and hazy but I really wanted to see a few objects through this scope since I received it on August 7 and have been unable to use it due to poor weather. I knew I didn’t have much time to observe due to the clouds so I immediately used the standard hand controller and viewed the moon. It was behind a hazy cloud but it still focused nice and tight. I then moved to Venus and saw its nearly half full crescent. I noted while viewing Venus that this scope has very little image shift. I then decided to give the Autostar a quick try hoping the weather would hold long enough to test the goto accuracy of the scope. I leveled the tripod and set up the Autostar. The alignment stars were Arcturus and Altair. After aligning the scope on those two stars, I slewed to Antares although I couldn’t quite split it. I did note that the scope has a very nice star test. Next, I slewed to the Moon and Venus which were very low in the sky. Nevertheless, it hit all three objects near the center of the eyepiece and I was very impressed so far. The clouds were really starting to move in so I decided to give Vega a shot. Vega was near the edge of the FOV. The other three objects were very near the center of the FOV while Vega was near the edge. All of these gotos were done using the 26mm eyepiece (57x). With clouds now covering 80% of the sky and fearing a possible drizzle, I decided to call it a very successful first light for this scope!!

Clear skies everyone,
Posted 09/12/2002 02:39AM #1
Make sure to update us on the impressions of the 105! I have sold all my small portable scopes and thought maybe I'd get another ETX to compliment my LX200 and my dad could use it. I've aalllmmosst got him snagged into astronomy smile