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Re: "Old" Meade Pier

Started by Merino, 09/29/2002 09:48PM
Posted 09/29/2002 09:48PM Opening Post
Actually, it looks like my old DS-10 pier. If it is 4" diameter pier, 1" diameter shafts. Uses 120 AC with a motor that is 1/10 rpm, bristol (I think - have to check). The eq head is attached to the pier with a large hex nut and a small recessed "locking" screw. I believe the drive gear is 3" in diameter.

Mine is from the early 1980's (1982 or 83 I think). I don't think it came with a manual at the time. This was used to support the DS line of scopes. not sure they made a 6 or 8" at the time, but they did make "Resarch series" in those sizes. Remember being told that the mounts of the DS-10 and smaller Research Series were similar (but not totally the same). Couldn't tell you if that is true. But from the image it does look like the mount from that tiem period.

Luis Eguren
Montreal, Canada