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Adapter locking up

Started by ayiomamitis, 02/10/2007 11:19PM
Posted 02/10/2007 11:19PM Opening Post
Dear Group,

I would love your feedback on something which is very annoying and certainly counter-productive. I am having problems with a Tak Wide T to CCD adapter which seems to lock once it is screwed into place (so much so it is VERY difficult to remove and I must use a bench vice each and every time to get to rotate back so that it can be removed).

I must confess that I bought it used on Astromart and the seller mentioned (after the fact) that he had the same problem. When it is being attached, it seems to work fine without the slightest problem during the rotation into place. The "fun" starts at the end of the session when it is time to unscrew the adapter when wrapping things up for the evening (or when changing scopes mid-session).