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FS 128 versus TOA130????

Started by Kevin Barker, 04/24/2003 02:14PM
Posted 04/24/2003 02:14PM Opening Post
I have a couple of friends who are considering investing in a 5 inch apochromat. Both are influenced by viewing in my Zeiss APQ 130. Both gentleman are thinking about a Tak FS 128.

My question is how do these two telescopes compare at the eyepiece. I realise a tiny bit of residual chromatic aberration will be in the FS 128. But being a well coated doublet will the FS128 have a small edge in contrast and perhaps image brightness over the triplet air spaced TOA 130 ortho apochromat??

The FS 128's sure seem to be a bargain at present with folks selling them for well under 4000US second hand and being 4400 or so new.

Both are around f-8 and the FS ota has less mass by a couple of kilograms too.

Anyone done a comparison on say planetary performance??

Kevin B
Posted 04/27/2003 03:15PM #1
Hi Kevin

I sold my 128 and well, it was the best 5" planetary scope, period. Its real strength lies in fact that the 50x power rule is way too low for it! Go for it (the 128)!
Posted 04/28/2003 08:48PM #2
Thanks Don,
The TOA seems to be quite compact with dew shield retracted.

How do the focusers compare. Plus is the snap into focus spherical correction differences??

Also how does the colour compare? Is it at all obtrusive with the FS 128??

Best wishes

Posted 04/30/2003 11:42AM #3
I think that it had something to do with the lens cell being tight or something like that. The optice were held to tight and when the air got real cold there was a slight problem. From what people I have heard from Tak fixed the problem on their scope, and this is not happening again. Though this is all second and third hand since I do not own one of them yet.

By the way the larger TOA's I would think will be years away though

Posted 04/30/2003 10:45PM #4
I am the extremely happy owner of the FS 128 previously owned by Don! This particular scope sets a very high standard in all performance attributes and I am looking forward to some side-by-side comparisons in the near future. Given that Don owned this fine scope for 4 years I expect his recollection of it's images are very good and result in noteworthy comparisons for your consideration. Unfortunately Don and I live too far apart to do a direct comparison in the near future (Don - if you are ever in middle California give me a call, we will test themsmile) Regardless of comparative results this scope sets a high point in my refractor ownership to date! My first evening with the FS 128 a few weeks ago was a jaw-dropper: the contrast and almost 3D details of Saturn were some of the best I have ever seen (in 34 years of owning scopes and observing).

Back to Kevin's original question I think the FS 128 represents an incredible value point in the market right now and many observers, like myself, are very well served by such a high quality used instrument. To those who aspire to the next level - that's great, we need pioneers to move the ultimate standards forword (and create additional used scopes:-)! However, many of us benefit more by the "education of the eye", increasing our ability to understand and discern detail, and the acquisition of quality viewing experiences, than by owning the ultimate best-o'the-best! The FS 128 is a great tool for doing this!

Thanks, Del Pruett
Posted 05/02/2003 03:00PM #5
Glen alright lets compare what you are talking about then
Tak FS-152 4" focuser, built in camera angle adjuster,$9329, plus your case and shipping.
AP 155 4" focuser NO camera angle adjuster unless you want to buy one extra, case, and shipping $8880. Correct the Tak is more but buy the camera angle adjuster and you are right in there. And get a cheaper case than the one that is for $500, compare it to the AP case.

Compare Apples to Appled please

You can think whatever you want about the AP's I have owned them including an AP155 4" focuser. Sold it after 5 months of use. It is not color corrected properly. good for Film not for CCD work.

Glen you said
"What's the FS 152 price right now about $10,000? And to make matters worse an AP 155 f/7 goes for $6,480 and out performs it.

Read your post about the AP out performing the Tak and much cheaper.
Then get your facts straight. I stand behind my original post even though you do not like the truth.

Posted 05/03/2003 02:52PM #6
Hey, you know what would have been cool? If Takahashi had called the TOA an Apochromatic Orthoscopic instead of the other way around. Then you could own the TAO of telescopes!

Doug (who with a TEC 140 on the way has no dog in this hunt!)
Midway, FL