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Motors for EM-100 Mount?

Started by jwilson, 04/10/2006 07:57PM
Posted 04/10/2006 07:57PM Opening Post
Hi... Here's a Mission Impossible type question...

I have an EM-100 mount and was interested in the possibility of changing the motor/controller system. I've heard from Art C. that the PD4-XY, PD5-XY, and PD6-XY NJP systems will work with this mount. However, the PD7-XY and PD8-XY systems seem to be more readily available. Art wasn't sure whether the PD7-XY setup was compatible with the EM-100 but was pretty sure that the PD8-XY setup was not.

Does anyone out there have experience with these systems to know whether the PD7-XY controller would work with the EM-100 motors? Or whether the PD7-XY motors could replace the "standard" EM-100 motors?