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Old type Gibraltor fix!!

Started by Buck8one2, 04/23/2006 08:08AM
Posted 04/23/2006 08:08AM | Edited 04/23/2006 08:14AM Opening Post
Hi Folks
I finally found something that works miracles on the old style
post and bearing type Gibraltors. This stuff is called TFE Dry Lube
by Sprayon (Sherwin-Williams). It is very fine teflon suspended in
a carrier agent in a spray can. It says it is a lube for the usual
applications as well as a release agent. I simply masked off the post
on the head and everything but the plastic bushing on the tripod. I also
removed the encoder and plugged the lower end of the bushing as well
as the encoder hole in the end of the post. Then sprayed the post and
bushing with two coats and let dry. Paying close attention to hitting the
top flat surface of the bushing. The carrier agent drys very fast and a light white
film is left to let you know where the spray was applied.
Well last night was the first night I've had a chance to use the
Gibraltor and I have to say it was a miracle. My Gibralter has never
moved so smooth and easy with no striction. I've tried all sorts of
lubes, greases, and silicones and also clean and dry, and nothing worked
anywhere near as good as this stuff. It remains to be seen how long
this treatment will last, but if I have to retreat every few months it
will be well worth it! It was heaven to be able to just push the scope
along with one finger at 270x near zenith and easily stay on target without
overshooting and jerking.
Hope this helps
Posted 04/23/2006 09:50AM #1
It surely does. Thank you very much.