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Re: Televue 102 Eyepiece Suggestions...

Started by Owen Chin, 08/26/2002 08:23AM
Posted 08/26/2002 08:23AM Opening Post

I have a TMB 100/800 and have a 9mmT1,12mmT2,16mmT2,20mmT2 and a 4x Powermate and 2x AP Barcon. I chose the Powermate over the 3-6mm zoom on John Ford's suggestion and am completely happy with it. On a Gibraltar, weight may be a major concern so you might not be happy pushing a 4x Powermate with a 9mm at 388x or a 12mm at 293x even though you have 82 degrees FOV. I find that on a 4" APO the Planetary/Lunar sweet spot is 200x to 300x. Anything beyond that is a diminishing return for most nights. I hear TV is going to make a 2.5x Powermate in a 2 inch format, and that or a Barcon would be a better bet for you. On the subject of EPs the 20mm Nag is great if you can get one cheap for low power, otherwise I would suggest a 22 Pan if you are even considering a 35 Pan down the line, or the 27 if you are not. If you want to splurge get the 22 Nagler. The 12T4 is great but the 12T2 is cheaper and you can consider the 16T2 down the road to fill the gap for medium powers. For low power I would suggest the 9T1, It's cheap and a great EP that you will use a lot. Depending on the Barlow you buy, it will serve you well as your low power EP in most situations.
Remember, if you stay on the 2" format, you won't have to fumble around in the darkness for a 2-1.25" adapter.

Good Luck, Owen
Posted 08/29/2002 09:36PM #1
Of the ones you mentioned, the 12mmT4 is a 1.25 with a 2" skirt and the 27mm Pan is a full 2" . If you are looking for a 1.25 format you could consider the 3-6mm Nagler zoom all the Nagler Type 6 EPs, the 16T5, all the Radians, or the 15, 19 and the 24 Pan when it comes out. Anything lower power than that will put you into a 2" format. Personally I have the Naglers that I have because many were selling the old Naglers to obtain the newer ones and thus they became affordable to me. ( I spent from $180-250 on any one EP) Since they were all formatted for 2" diagonals I found it easier to change them out. On many the 2" skirt is not necessary, TV just made them that way. You can get the newer models at a higher cost, it's just a function of what you are willing to pay. For high power I use my 9mmT1 or 12mmT2 with a 4x powermate. Just remember if you get an altaz mount don't expect to push 300x or more with a narrow FOV.(the seeing usually doesn't support it most times anyway)
Regards, Owen