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Zeiss Barlow differences

Started by Paultricounty, 01/25/2003 02:00PM
Posted 01/25/2003 02:00PM Opening Post

I would like to ask those who may have used both or either one of the Zeiss 2X M44 version and the newer and very hard to find 1.25 2X Zeiss Barlows. What were your impressions and Were any differences noticed and in what scopes was the observing done? I believe these two Barlow’s are some of the best available with the TV powermates and the AP Barcon being the competition. Thanks.

Posted 01/27/2003 11:14AM #1
The 2X M44 barlow is excellent. It is corrected I believe to work best with f 10 and slower scopes. I read somewhere?? it is matched to the Zeiss Jena 0.965 orthoscopics.

The 1.25 inch version was designed to work with the Abbe 1.25 inch orthoscopics and f 8 and slower objectives.

Both are very expensive. I have seen the M44 version sell for about 260 US second hand.

I have the M44 version and have compared it with a powermate.

The 16,12.5 and 10 mm ortho with M44 Zeiss barlow(125 X, 160 X and 200 X) versus a 18 mm radian with 2.5 X powermate.(139 X)

Mars and Moon were observed in very good seeing.

Telescope my wonderful APQ 100/1000.

The wider view of the radian was nice but it was a step down in contrast. This was especially apparent on Mars.

Best wishes

Kevin B