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Started by Paultricounty, 12/18/2003 06:03PM
Posted 12/18/2003 06:03PM Opening Post
Hello group,

It has been over two months since the last Zeiss post. My fascination and attraction to Zeiss scopes borders on addiction. Although that feeling is present with all telescope equipment it seems to be at a higher level with Zeiss. I suppose one of the reasons is they are no longer manufactured and collectible, but that is only a small part.

I have only been into Zeiss equipment for a short time {year and a half or so}, but I have never met a group people so willing to help {in detail} with all kinds of information and even do research to questions that I have asked in order to help inform another with interest in Zeiss equipment as I have found with Zeiss owners, former owners and aficionados. That’s a big thank you to all the guys {Kim, Gary, PaulK, Kevin to name a few} who have helped along the way and still do.

Now I will get to the equipment talk, I have always wondered why so few people in this hobby {passion} are not as much for the Zeiss, considering the perfectionists in this hobby and the quality of Zeiss.

Zeiss has always been the leader in optical quality, including astronomy equipment. To this day ten years since their demise the equipment can still be considered as good if not better than anything on the market.

We hear people all time talking Tak, TV, AP, D&G and others, yet very little is said about Zeiss. Why is it such a small group of followers? I was wondering all your thoughts on this. I have my ideas but I was hoping to here other views. Thank you.

Paul Wehr

Posted 12/18/2003 08:06PM #1
Very few Zeiss scopes were/are sold in the US. The price to get one was/is very high. Too high for most newer astronomers who want a cheaper telescope but are prepared to comproise a little on optical quality for aperture.

Zeiss owners seem to be mainly longer term enthusiasts who have owned or used a range of telescopes and can afford a special one off. Of course they get addicted and Zeiss gets into the Psyche. So owning as many as 6 or 7 is not at all uncommon.

I got hooked by the image quality. The Zeiss image quality and contrast per aperture is virtually unrivalled IMHO. there is also a lot to be said for German engineering.

I understand Zeiss telescopes are relatively common in Germany and Northern and eastern Europe.
A lot of British astronomers own Telementors as they were sold in England relatively cheaply.

Pride of ownership is also a big Zeiss thing. i mean a Zeiss telescope is generally made to last a lifetime(s).......

My APQ 100 looks as new as the day I receieved it and then it was a showroom model that had been used extensively.
They are also functional and made to be used. It is very satisfying knowing the atmosphere and perhaps aperture is the limiting quantity, not the equipments quality.

Best wishes

Kevin Barker