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Extreme Energy Space Particles May Have a Unified Origin

03/16/2018 07:56AM

Extreme Energy Space Particles May Have a Unified Origin

One of the biggest mysteries in astro-particle physics has been the origins of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays, very high energy neutrinos, and high energy gamma rays. Now, a new theoretical model based on work by Penn State and University of Maryland researchers, reveals that these extreme energy space particles may have a unified origin in cosmic rays that are accelerated by powerful jets emanating from supermassive black holes. The new model explains the natural origins of all three types of "cosmic messenger" particles simultaneously and is the first astrophysical model of its kind based on detailed numerical computations.


  • brokenarrow [Robert Sheldon Padawer]
  • 04/07/2018 07:37AM
Is there a spectral shift observed from receding Gamma Ray sources? Can we map sources and the density or amplitude of different sources? Neutrinos seem so few and far between; is that the "luck of the draw" in detecting them or are there just so few passing through ICE undetected? Are they and Gamma rays presumed to be fairly evenly distributed? My dumbest question: Are Gamma Rays considered to possibly be an exotic semi matter approaching 299,000,000 m/s?<br><br>I am inquisitive because so often we hear the term "negligible" associated with subatomic particles and I wonder what portion of mass in the universe is actually energetic particles.