Father's Day

06/20/2004 07:00AM

Father's Day

Astromart member, David Kiefner, sent us a brief article to mark this Father's Day...


  • Nemo [Danny Halstead]
  • 06/20/2004 08:16PM
Dave,<br>Although married for over 34 years my wife and I had no children. I was however raised by a wonderful step dad who did many of the things you describe in your article. Beautiful, it brought back many memories. Thank you for that.<br>Respectfully,<br>Dan Halstead<br>
  • norm92de [Norman Breedon]
  • 06/20/2004 11:02PM
Dave,<br>That is a very nice letter!<br>Regards, Norman.

Dave -<br>You and I are of similar age and we have shared the same experience, growing up with a thoughtful and loving father. He and my mother wanted my brother and I to experience all the wonders of life and made a point to do so repeatedly. When I was about 14 or 15, my dad came home with a 3" Edmund Scientific Reflector that had belonged to a close friend of his who had traded up. It was the right thing at the right time for it started me on a life-long hobby of learning about the wonders in the night sky. My father has been gone from us 14 years now but he's always remembered with love and appreciation, particularly when I look up thru a telescope.<br>- Art Griggs