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Five Dimensional Black Hole Could Break General Relativity

02/24/2016 07:36AM

Five Dimensional Black Hole Could Break General Relativity

General relativity underpins our current understanding of gravity. In part, the theory tells us that matter warps its surrounding spacetime and what we call gravity is the effect of that warp. In the 100 years since it was published, general relativity has passed every test that has been thrown at it, but one of its limitations is the existence of singularities, as found at the center of black holes. Researchers in the UK have now shown that a bizarrely ring shaped black hole, first discovered by theoretical physicists in 2002, could cause Einstein's general theory of relativity to break down. However, such an object could only exist in a universe with five or more dimensions.


  • joe1950 [Joseph DiPaolo]
  • 03/01/2016 08:44AM
It appears many ideas take on added validity if one increases the number of spacial dimensions beyond the three we now have. However, to this point there has not been any empirical evidence that these added dimensions exist and not any suggestions as to how one would go about finding them.<br><br>It may be a good mathematical exercise to determine the conditions needed to prove or disprove a theory, but before casting doubt on an established theory or promoting an idea that is apparently beyond the reach of any test, these 'IF' conditions should be scrutinized.<br><br>If there are five spacial dimensions, General Relativity may break down.<br>If there are eleven spacial dimensions, then one of the 10^500 possible variations of string theory man be correct.<br><br>It's fascinating to explore all the 'IFs.' But it isn't science until the ideas can be tested. Find some evidence of additional dimensions, and then we can explore the possibilities they open.