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Gravity Probe B reaches one-month milestone

05/25/2004 12:00AM

Gravity Probe B reaches one-month milestone

One month into the Gravity Probe B mission — a NASA experiment to test two predictions of Albert Einstein's Theory of General Relativity — all spacecraft subsystems continue to perform well, and the spacecraft orbit is stable. . Gravity Probe B is managed by the Marshall Center...


  • Jozeph [Joe Lentz]
  • 05/25/2004 06:32PM
While I don't claim to fully understand the science behind this experiment, I think it's great they are doing it. Any research that increases our knowledge of space and time, and how they are influenced by massive objects such as planets, stars, etc. I find fascinating. Hopefully we will find out if Einstein's theory was right or not. Best of luck to the mission!
Oh I don't think you have to worry about Einstein being wrong. He was right <br>and he knew he was right. This is the way Physics ought to work. In 1919 <br>during the total solor Eclipse of the sun, Stars near the limb of the sun <br>were noted to have been bent from there true position in space due to the <br>bending of space time by the mass of the sun. <br>When Einstein was notified of the results of the experiment he was not that<br>excited because he knew he was correct! Another proof the perihelion shift<br>in the opbit of Mercury can only be explained using Einsteins model of <br>gravity. there are many books on the Subject that expalin Relativity and <br>how it effects the world of physics.<br><br> Clear Skies<br> Dwight L Bogan