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If It's Supernatural It Isn't Science

12/31/2004 12:00AM

If It's Supernatural It Isn't Science

Commentary on a current court case by Edward J. Larson, teacher of history of science and law at the University of Georgia and author of "Evolution: The Remarkable History of a Scientific Theory" (Random House, 2004)


  • ks1u [George Blahun]
  • 01/01/2005 08:44AM
Since I am not running for political office, euphemisms seem unnecessary. This issue of Darwinism vs. Creationism is but one of the manifestations of the "Dumbing-down of America". Much has been said about the growing disparity of the "haves" and "have-nots" with respect to income in this country. However, an even more profound difference can be found in education.<br>Faith, it seems, often clouds reason. What many people say is obvious or logical, is often nothing more than a veiled and feeble attempt to justify their own beliefs without the rigors of a scientific process. <br> In the late 1970's I went back to college for a second degree, in Math and Science education. The University was in the heart of the Bible Belt. During one class in particular each student (and potential educator) was required to give a lesson on evolution. I was astounded when several students, who lived locally, began their lesson with " I don't really belief this but...". Since the rest of the class was able to critique each presentation I felt obligated to point out the problems with the aforementioned approach. The instructor had to intervene when the critque evolved into an uproar. Although it is no longer restricted to the bible belt, I am disappointed, but not surprised that this level of ignorance has spread like a virus. The mindset which allows creationism to be placed in the same category as evolution is in every sense a disease.
In 1988-9 I taught a few classes at a chiropractic college. One day I had a half hour discussion/lecture on how fire walking over hot coals without being burned can be understood without having to use any paranormal explanation. It's no more paranormal than waving your finger through a birthday cake candle and not getting burned (heat x temperature x duration). I then tried to engage the students in what they understood was going on. <br><br>I was crestfallen when a large number came up with mind-over-matter and strong-belief as the reason one could do that. <br><br>

  • patjoja [Jay Johnson]
  • 01/03/2005 05:46PM
This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard and shows the height of arrogance that is running rampant in the "scientific" community. To say that there is no such thing as the supernatural makes the speaker of such things into his own god. How do you know, oh man, that which you can not see? If you deny the supernatural, doesn't that mean you know something about it to question its existence? But you don't. So, in fact, you are making statements about things of which you know nothing. The person who does this is a fool. The Bible is clear that the world and all things in it were made by processes that we can no longer see. This is something that should not be a foreign concept to the human mind, since there are things all around us that have been made by human hands, by processes that are not evident in the product itself and of which the user hasn't the slightest idea or care as to how it came into existence. We also have complex computer systems with a tremendous hierarchy of administration that the end user hasn't a clue exists nor could comprehend the need for. The administrators of such systems can enter their system using tools and methods that the end user has no knowledge of, or access to, and modify the system according to their own desires and purposes. Why is it out of the realm of reason to think that God cannot do the same thing with His creation? My point is this, why doesn't the scientific community look for and investigate and try to comprehend the methods by which God has created the universe rather than trying to figure out why we don't need a god? The answer is simple. Man is arrogant and opposed to God, his heart is hardened. He does not want a God messing in his life, therefore he is searching for answers where there are no answers, and developing schemes that sound good but are built on sand and assumption. The truth is that the scientific community is infected with the disease of arrogance, pride, and presumption and those who think they are seeking after the truth are in fact vain in their pursuits. They are like drizzle and a fog, not knowing where they are going, but trying with all their might to persuade the "dumbed down" Americans that they are right. And if they can't win by speaking the truth, they will try to do it by being the loudest or silencing those who oppose them.