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Published Paper Probes Pulsar Pair

05/19/2004 12:00AM

Published Paper Probes Pulsar Pair

A pulsar works like a lighthouse, in which the light may be on all the time, but it appears to blink on and off. Scientists were surprised to find that the B pulsar is on only at certain locations in its orbit. "It's as though something is turning B on and off...


  • Joe285 [Joe Godfrey]
  • 05/20/2004 08:23AM
Phat pis pall phis phit?!
  • lutton.7 [Anthony Lutton]
  • 05/20/2004 08:27AM
P Pas Phinking Phe Pame Phing... huh?<br><br>I was thinking the same thing, talk about alliteration!

  • filmdos [Paul Walsh]
  • 05/20/2004 09:39AM
Hey, hit husn't me, hame hASA/hPL, hey're hhe hones hho hrote hhe heading.<br><br>Haul Halsh,<br>Hapless Hditor<br> <img class='' src='' alt='cwy' title='cwy'/>