Meade 9X63mm Roof Prism Binoculars

Posted by Blair Slayton   10/25/2004 07:00AM

Meade 9X63mm Roof Prism Binoculars
[ARTICLEIMGR="1"]I’ve owned these binoculars for about 2 years now and they have proven to be very durable as I use them almost as much as I use my scopes which is about every night that there is at least a large clearing in the clouds.

When my seeing is mag 3 or worse they help to find the guide stars I need to find my favorite double stars and Messier objects. Also, when I first started viewing with a 90mm refractor about 2 years ago they helped immensely in learning where the Messier objects were as many are detectable in these binocs.

Also, their 5 degree field of view allows a nice view of Mel 20 in Perseus (the area around the star Mirfak), The Hyades Cluster (Mel 25) in Taurus and Cr 70 in Orion (which is in his belt area). I also enjoy just sitting in a reclining lawn chair and sweeping the Milky Way when seeing is decent. They work very well when hand held.

One advantage of their roof prism design is they are not as wide as other types of binoculars which allows them to fit in the bottom of a medium sized, plastic toolbox available at Walmart and other stores. This eases the use of the binocs as the caps can be left off during the observation period and protects them from dew and other things when I go inside to take a break.

I highly recommend these binoculars for both beginners and more advanced amateur astronomers.

Blair Slayton
October 2004

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